Friday, 12 July 2013

Ballads not by Wordsworth and Coleridge

This morning there was a welcome thump on the doormat. I expect my friend Sarah heard the same thing in her house in London. We had both be waiting for that lovely sound and I (and probably she) raced to rip off the brown paper and get at the contents - authors' copies of the above book of poems. How beautiful it looks, that cover by the Canadian artist Francois Thisdale, and what a wonderful creation by Nicky and Pete Crowther of Stanza Press, whose accessibility and patience during production have been outstanding. These guys are real publishers, who care about their authors and are ready to both listen and act on suggestions. I have many strange hats (sadly I have a hat fetish) and I have put them all on one by one to take them all off again in the same order to salute PS Publishing's Nicky and Pete. If you feel the need to delve into the poetry of Holdstock and Kilworth, all you need to do is follow this link -  You'll find a treasure trove of other books there too! Thanks to all involved in the production of my and Rob's volume of poems - huzzah! (Thrice).

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