Tuesday, 26 November 2013

And finally!

Cuenca was a land of high lakes. We managed to walk around one of them, Torreadoros, but it was hard going in the high altitude. Rewarding though, with the volcanic scenery. Yesterday we flew back to Quito where I had the worst journey of my life - rush hour from the airport to the hotel - and went straight to bed with fume sickness. I had to sleep under the bed when I got altitude sickness sleeping on the top. (Kidding of course, but the heights here are a problem). Today we move on again to a hacienda at Cayambe. It´s said to be 400 years old and fairly basic, but we´re told by our guide that we will enjoy the antiquity of the place. There´s not a great deal to do there execept climb the nearest volcano which is 18,000 feet high. (Not a chance mate - I´ll wander the countryside at only 10,000 feet). After two days we move on to our last stop, the biggest market in Ecuador. I have purchased some horse blinkers for Annette, otherwise we´ll need to buy another suitcase.

This is my last report. Thank you for listening.

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