Wednesday, 13 November 2013

On our way today. There are 13 of us (a coven?) plus the guide, who told us to pare down our luggage as we are travelling on public buses, mules and by foot. Annette and I have backpacks and are light enough but it means leaving behind my laptop. To continue my blog (still fairly dull I have to admit) I have to use my kindle fire, so no means of getting photos on the blog. (Damn, I'm such a good photographer too!). Yesterday I lost my debit card in an ATM that swallows such delights and had to have a Highland Park whiskey (with two cubes of ice) to calm my nerves. (Thanks Tam!) Going even higher up the mountains today to an area of hot springs. A place called Papallacta. Journey on the bus
will take 5 hours along windy mountain roads. Pills taken.

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