Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Quito Numero Dos

Still in Quito, but a posher hotel, awaiting our guide for the trek starting tomorrow. While I can still connect I might as well blog. I'm always amazed by the fact that when I connect to a country's internet, it knows where I am. Under 'Google' on my search engine page it says 'Ecuador' and - this throws me a little - the language on my pages changes to Spanish. Now you would think if it recognises my computer as a new one, it would know I'm a visitor and would leave the language alone, wouldn't you? Anyway, today we went to the National Museum and saw lots of gold. Lots and lots of gold. The central item being a large sunburst made of gold. The Conquistadors obviously missed a lot of it when they pillaged the place, because there's tons of it left. We use the taxis to get anywhere, though they only go at -5 kph, since the traffic is jammed everywhere. Funny thing, the taxi drivers all have seat belts, which they use. There are none for the passengers. We were told by one taxi driver that if a car hits a pedestrian the driver of the car is required by law to take the injured person to the nearest hospital and must pay the medical expenses. So, you hit a fellah, you have to pick up the bits, take the bits to be sewn together again, and foot the bill. Still and all, there seems to be few careful drivers.

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