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Bibliography plus

This is a bit of an indulgence, but just in case people were searching for one of my books, here's a list of practically everything I've written, plus a few extra bits of information.

Garry KilworthBibliography.

Garry Kilworth's pseudonyms are: Garry Douglas Kilworth, Garry Douglas,
F. K. Salwood, Richard Argent and Kim Hunter.


IN SOLITARY, 1977, Faber and Faber, (Science Fiction), translated into German, Italian and Polish.   Published in USA.
SPLIT SECOND, 1979, Faber and Faber, (Science Fiction), translated into German, Italian and Portugese.   Published in USA.
GEMINI GOD, 1981, Faber and Faber, (Science Fiction), translated into German and Portugese.
A THEATRE OF TIMESMITHS, 1984, Victor Gollancz, (Science Fiction), translated into German, French and Portugese.  Published in USA.
WITCHWATER COUNTRY, 1986, The Bodley Head, (General Fiction), translated into German.
SPIRAL WINDS, 1987, The Bodley Head, (General Fiction).
CLOUDROCK, 1988, Unwin Hyman, (Science Fiction), translated into German, French and Portugese.
ABANDONATI, 1988, Unwin Hyman, (Dystopia), translated into French.
HUNTER'S MOON (A story of foxes), 1989, Unwin Hyman, (Animal Fantasy), translated into Dutch, German and Russian.   Published in the USA by Doubleday. Published in abridged form by Reader’s Digest.
MIDNIGHT'S SUN (A story of wolves), 1990, Unwin Hyman, (Animal Fantasy), translated into German and Russian.
STANDING ON SHAMSAN, 1992, Harper Collins, (General Fiction).
FROST DANCERS (A story of hares), 1992, Harper Collins (Animal Fantasy) Translated into German and Russian.
ANGEL, 1993, Victor Gollancz, (Supernatural Thriller). Translated into German, Norwegian and Russian.   Sold in USA.
ARCHANGEL, 1994, Victor Gollancz, (Supernatural Thriller). Translated into Norwegian, German, Russian.
HOUSE OF TRIBES, 1995, Bantam Books, (Animal fantasy), Translated into German, Russian and Polish.
THE ROOF OF VOYAGING, 1996, First part of Trilogy The Navigator Kings, Little Brown.  (Polynesian Fantasy) Translated into German, French, Russian and Czech.
A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE, 1996, Bantam Books, (Shakespeare's faires) Translated into French (Gallimard and Mnemos) and German.
THE PRINCELY FLOWER, 1997, Second part of Trilogy The Navigator Kings, Little Brown. (Polynesian Fantasy). Translated into German, French, Russian and Czech.
LAND-OF-MISTS, 1998, Third part of Trilogy The Navigator Kings, Little Brown. (Polynesian Fantasy), Translated into German, French, Russian and Czech.
SHADOW-HAWK, 1999, Orbit (Dyak Indian Fantasy), Translated into Czech, Translated into Russian and German.

Novels (as Kim Hunter)

KNIGHT’S DAWN, 2000, Orbit The Red Pavilions Book 1 (Fantasy), Translated into Russian.
WIZARD’S FUNERAL, 2002, Orbit The Red Pavilions Book 2 (Fantasy),
Translated into Russian.
SCABBARD’S SONG, 2003, Orbit The Red Pavilions Book 3 (Fantasy), Translated into Russian.

Novels (as Garry Douglas or Garry Douglas Kilworth).

HIGHLANDER, 1986, Grafton Books, (Novelisation of SF film), translated into Hungarian.
THE STREET, 1988, Grafton Books, (Horror).
THE DEVIL'S OWN, 1997, HarperCollins, (Historical War Novel) - all the Crossman books have been translated into Norwegian.
THE VALLEY OF DEATH, 1998, HarperCollins, (Historical War Novel)
SOLDIERS IN THE MIST, 1999, HarperCollins, (Historical War Novel)
THE WINTER SOLDIERS, 2002, ConstableRobinson (Historical War Novel). Published in USA by Carrol and Graf.
ATTACK ON THE REDAN, 2003, ConstableRobinson (Historical War Novel).
Published in the USA by Carrol and Graf.
BROTHERS OF THE BLADE, 2004, ConstableRobinson (Historical War Novel).
ROGUE OFFICER, 2006, SevernHouse (Historical War Novel). Audio tape with Isis Publishing, 2007.
KIWI WARS, 2008, SevernHouse (Historical War Novel). Audio cd.
SCARLET SASH,2010, SevernHouse (Historical War Novel). Audio cd.
DRAGOONS, 2011, SevernHouse (Historical War Novel). Audio cd.
THE IRON WIRE, 2014, Infinity Plus Books (Historical Novel).

Novels (as F K Salwood).

THE OYSTERCATCHER'S CRY, 1993, Headline Books, (Essex Saga).
THE SAFFRON FIELDS, 1994, Headline Books, (Essex Saga).
THE RAGGED SCHOOL, 1995, Headline Books, (Essex Saga).
Novels (as Richard Argent)

WINTER’S KNIGHT, 2010, Atom Books (Young Adult Historical Fantasy).

Short Story Collections.

THE SONGBIRDS OF PAIN, 1984, Victor Gollancz, (Science Fiction and Contemporary Fantasy), Contains: The Dissemblers, The Rose Bush, Blind Windows, Lord of the Dance, Let's Go To Golgotha!, Sumi Dreams of a Paper Frog, Scarlet Fever, The Man Who Collected Bridges, The Invisible Foe, Almost Heaven, God's Cold Lips, Oubliette, The Songbirds of Pain.  Translated into French.

IN THE HOLLOW OF THE DEEP-SEA WAVE, 1989, The Bodley Head, (General Fiction and Contemporary Fantasy), Contains: Novel - In The Hollow Of The Deep-sea Wave, Filming the Making of the Film of the Making of Fitzcarraldo, Blood Orange, Glory of the Seas, The River-Sailor's Wife, Feral Moon, Thunder of the Captains, Island with the Stink of Ghosts.

IN THE COUNTRY OF TATTOOED MEN, 1993, HarperCollins, (Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror Stories), Contains: Truman Capote's Trilby: The Facts, In the Country of Tattooed Men, Surfing Spanish Style, The Black Wedding, Murderers Walk, Hogfoot Right and Bird-hands, The Men's Room, Dop*elgan*er, 1948, Usurper, Networks, Hobblythick Lane, Giant, Beyond Byzantium, Spiral Sands, On the Watchtower at Plataea, The Wall, Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop, x-Calibre, Bronze Casket for a Mummified 

HOGFOOT RIGHT AND BIRD-HANDS, 1993, Edgewood Press, USA, (Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror Stories, Contains: Spiral Sands, The Looking-Glass Man, Island with the Stink of Ghosts, Truman Capote's Trilby: The Facts, Doppelganger, Inside The Walled City, On The Watchtower at Plataea, 1948, White Noise, Usurper, Murderers Walk, The Vivarium, Hogfoot Right and Bird-hands.

The Sculptor,Black Drongo, Bonsai Tiger, Attack of the Charlie Chaplins, Cherub, The Council of Beasts, The Frog Chauffeur, Hamelin Nebraska, Hunter’s Hall, Something’s Wrong with the Sofa, Exploding Sparrows, Death of the Mocking Man, Wayang Kulit, Inside the Walled City, My Lady Lygia, Oracle Bones, Paper Moon, Store Wars, The Megowl, The Silver Collar, Moby Jack.

Once-told Tales: Chandler’s Coffin, Shoot-out in the New Territories, The Snake-man Cometh, Moon Day, Face, Children of the Volcano, Walking Caged Birds, Triads, The River-sailor’s Wife, Typhoon, Blood Orange, Mr HoTwice-told Tales: Inside the Walled City, The Hungry Ghosts, The Dragon Slayer, The Cave Painting, Island with the Stink of Ghosts, Love Child, Snake Dreams, Waiting by the Corpse, Mirrors, Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop.

PHOENIX MAN – 13 ECLECTIC TALES, 2011, Infinity Plus ebooks.
Atlantic Crossing, 12 Men Born of Woman, Murders in the White Garden, Phoenix Man, Sacrificial Anode, Sunday Lunch, The Book of Explorers, On the Eyelids of a Wolf, The Night We Drove the Aliens Back, The Human’s Child, Out Back, Monsters X 3.

THE FABULOUS BEAST,  2013, Infinity Plus Books. The Fabulous Beast, Murders in the White Garden, Stalking Moon, 12 Men Born of Woman, Atlantic Crossing, Sacrificial Anode, On the Eyelids of a Wolf, Moretta, Spice, Out Back, The Farrier’s Wife, Call Centre Incident, The Human’s Child, La Belle Dame Sans Grace, Phoenix Man, Gifts, Monsters X 3, The Elf Killer.


Novels for Children and Young Adults.

THE WIZARD OF WOODWORLD, 1987, Dragon Books (Collins), (Science Fiction/Fantasy).
THE VOYAGE OF THE VIGILANCE, 1988, Armada Books (Collins), (Science Fiction/Fantasy).
THE RAIN GHOST, 1989, Hippo Books (Scholastic), (Contemporary ghost).  Published in the USA, translated into French and Dutch.
THE THIRD DRAGON, 1991, Hippo Books (Scholastic), (Mystery). Translated into Norwegian.
THE DROWNERS, 1991, Methuen Childrens' Books, (Historical ghost).  Cassette tape made, Chivers, 1993.
BILLY PINK'S PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY, 1993, Methuen Children's Books (Historical ghost).   Broadcast on BBC Jackanory.
THE PHANTOM PIPER, 1994, Methuen Children's Books (Historical ghost).
THE ELECTRIC KID, 1994, Bantam Books, (Science Fiction). Translated into Italian.  Translated into Russian.  Sold in USA.
THE BRONTE GIRLS, 1995, Methuen Children's Books, (General Fiction).   Translated into Italian.
CYBERCATS, 1996, Bantam Books (Science Fiction). Translated into Russian.
THE RAIDERS,1996, Mammoth Books. (Conservation and Adventure).
THE GARGOYLE, 1997, Mammoth Books, (Fantasy).
THE WELKIN WEASELS: BOOK ONE - THUNDER OAK, 1997, Corgi Books, (Animal Fantasy). Translated into Polish and Russian. Re-translated into Russian by Palmyra Publishers (All six Weasel books).
DRUMMER BOY, 1998, Mammoth Children's Books (Historical fiction).
HEAVENLY HOSTS VERSUS HELL UNITED, 1998, (Graphic novel with artist Mark Oliver) Mammoth Epix.
THE WELKIN WEASELS: BOOK TWO - CASTLE STORM, 1998, Corgi Books, (Animal fantasy).  Translated into Polish and Russian.
THE LANTERN FOX,1998, Mammoth Books, (Fantasy).
THE WELKIN WEASELS: BOOK THREE - WINDJAMMER RUN, 1999, Corgi Books, (Animal Fantasy).  Translated into Polish and Russian.
HEY, NEW KID, 1999, Mammoth Books, (Realist).
THE WELKIN WEASELS BOOK FOUR - GASLIGHT GEEZERS, 2001, (Animal fantasy) Corgin books.  Translated into Russian.
SOLDIER’S SON, 2001, (Historical fiction), A&C Black.
MONSTER SCHOOL, 2001, (Graphic novel), A&C Black. Translated into Korean.
THE WELKIN WEASELS BOOK FIVE - VAMPIRE VOLES, 2002, (Animal fantasy), Corgi Books.  Translated into Russian.  
NIGHTDANCER, 2002, (Polynesian dark fantasy), Dolphin Books.
SPIGGOT’S QUEST, 2002, (Faerieland), Atom Books. Translated into Russian.
THE WELKIN WEASELS BOOK SIX - HEASTWARD HO!, 2003, (Animal fantasy), Corgi Books.  Translated into Russian.
MALLMOC’S CASTLE, 2003, (Faerieland) Atom Books.  Published in Russia.
BOGGART AND FEN, 2004, (Faerieland) Atom Books.
THE SILVER CLAW, 2005, (Animal fantasy set in Venice), Corgi Books.
ATTICA, 2006, (fantasy mystery), Atom Books. Translated into Polish, Portugese, German, Romanian, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Greek, Czech, Lithuania, Russian (Geleos), Italian.  Film rights sold to Initial Entertainment of the Warner Group. Blackstone Audio Books, USA.
JIGSAW, 2007, (Fantasy), Atom Books.  Translated into Lithuanian and Russian (Geleos).
THE HUNDRED-TOWERED CITY,2008, (Time Travel), Atom Books.Translated into Russian (Geleos), into Indonesian (Limkata Pt Niaga Swadaya).
TENNYSON’S GHOST,2015, (Ghost story), e-book only Draft2Digital.
VICCY RULES OK and THE ICEHOUSE BOY, 2015, e-book, Amazon Kindle Direct.

Short Story Collections for Young Adults.

DARK HILLS, HOLLOW CLOCKS, 1990, Methuen Children's Books, (Folklore Fantasy), Contains: Dogfaerie, Dark Hills Hollow Clocks, The Dragon Slayer, The Goblin Jag, Warrior Wizards, The Sleeping Giants, The Hungry Ghosts, Changelings, The Orkney Trows, Scarecrows.


ON MY WAY TO SAMARKAND, 2012, Memoirs of a travelling writer, Infinity Plus Books.


TREE MESSIAH, 1985, Envoi Poets Publication.
POEMS, PEOMS AND OTHER ATROCITIES, 2013, A collection of poems by Garry Kilworth and Robert Holdstock. Stanza Press (PS Publishing).
A RURAL 1950s BOYHOOD, 2017, Wild Hare Books.
ALCHEMY IN REVERSE,2017, Stanza Press.
POEMS WRITTEN IN MY YOUTH, 2017, Wild Hare Books.

Individual Short Stories.

Let's Go To Golgotha!, 1974, Sunday Times Weekly Review (Dec 15th), translated into Polish, Czechoslovakian, Spanish, French and Danish.
The Soul of Colonel 607, 1975, anthologised in Gollancz/Sunday Times Best SF Stories.  No editor, but forward by Brian Aldiss.
Reaching Out, 1976, Science Fiction Monthly (Vol3No3).
A Warrior Falls, 1979, anthologised in Pulsar Two, Penguin Books, Edited by George Hay.
Grenzkrieg, 1979, SF Story Reader, Heyne.  (In German Only).
God's Cold Lips, 1979, anthologised in Aries 1, David and Charles, Edited by John Grant, translated into French.
The Man Who Collected Bridges, 1980, Amazing Magazine USA, (May Vol27No7).  Translated into Czechoslovakian and French.
Lord of the Dance, 1980, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine USA (Nov Vol59No5).  Translated into French.
Toomey's Circus, 1981, Ad Astra Magazine (Vol1No6).
The Rose Bush, 1981, Ad Astra Magazine (Vol3No13), translated into Czechoslovakian and French.
Sumi Dreams of a Paper Frog, 1982, Extro Magazine (Vol1No1).
Scarlet Fever, 1982, Extro Magazine (Vol1No3), translated into Czechoslovakian and French.
Oubliette, 1982, Ambit Magazine, (No90).
Almost Heaven, 1982, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, USA, (Feb Vol62No2). Translated into French.
Blind Windows, 1982, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, USA, (Jul Vol63No1).  Translated into Czech.
The Invisible Foe, 1982, Isaac Asimov's Magazine, USA, (Jan Vol6No1). Translated into French.
Love Child, 1982, anthologised in Fontana Book of Horror Stories, edited by Mary Danby.
The lights of the City, 1982, anthologised in Alien Monsters, Sparrow Childrens' Books, edited by Peter Davidson.
The Dissemblers, 1983, Interzone Magazine, (Vol1No3).   Translated into French.
The Tryst, 1983, anthologised in Fontana Book of Ghost Stories, edited by R Chetwynd-Hayes).
The House that Joachim Jakober Built, 1984, anthologised in Allen and Unwins, Beyond The Lands of Never, edited by Maxim Jakubowski.  Film rights sold to Columbia Pictures.
Image in a Dark Glass, 1985, Twilight Zone Magazine, USA, (Vol5No3).
Spiral Winds (later Spiral Sands), 1985, Interzone Magazine (Autumn No9), translated into French.
The Lost Gardens of Enid Blyton, Lucy Atwell, Beatrix Potter and the Rest of the Lads of the 32nd Parachute Regiment, 1985, Isaac Asmimov's Magazine, USA, (Mar Vol9No3), appeared also in illustrated magazine.
Thunder of the Captains, 1985, Isaac Asimov's Magazine, USA, (Jun Vol9No6).
The Songbirds of Pain, 1985, Omni Magazine, USA, (Aug Vol7No11), translated into Czechoslovakian and French.
The Final Assassin, 1985, Isaac Asimov's Magazine, USA, (Jan Vol9No1). Czeckoslovakian.
Paper Moon, 1986, Omni Magazine, USA, (Jan Vol9No4).
Hobblythick Lane, 1986, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, USA, (Jul Vol71No1).
Angel's Eyes, 1986, Twilight Zone Magazine, USA, (Aug Vol6No3).
The Vivarium, 1986, Interzone Magazine, (Spring No15).
Feral Moon, 1987, The Fiction Magazine, (Jul/Aug Vol6No6).
Doppelganger, 1987, Interzone Magazine, (Autumn No21).
Hogfoot Right and Birdhands, 1987, one of three stories under general title of Tryptychanthologised in Other Edens, Unwin Hyman, edited by Christopher Evans and Robert Holdstock, translated into Japanese and Polish.
The Black Wedding(see Hogfoot Right and Birdhands).
Murderers Walk(see Hogfoot Right and Birdhands).
The Earth is Flat and We're All Like to Drown, 1987, Tales from the Forbidden Planet, Titan Books, edited by Roz Kaveney.
The Looking-glass Man, 1988, Omni Magazine, USA, (Mar Vol10No6).
On the Watchtower at Platæa, 1988, anthologised in Other Edens II, Unwin Hyman, edited by Christopher Evans and Robert Holdstock.   Translated into Polish.
Beyond Byzantium, 1988, anthologised in the World Fantasy Convention Programme Book.
The Cave,1988, Trivial Tales, Novacon 18 Special, BSFG.
The Wall, 1988, Trivial Tales, Novacon 18 Special, BSFG.
Blood Orange, 1989, collected in In The Hollow of The Deep-sea Wave, The Bodley Head.
Glory of the Seas, (see Blood Orange).
The River-sailor's Wife, (see Blood Orange).
Island with the Stink of Ghosts, (see Blood Orange).
The Silver Collar, 1989, anthologised in Blood is not Enough, Morrow USA, edited by Ellen Datlow, translated into Japanese, Czechoslovakian, Finnish and Italian.
Filming the Making of the Film of the Making of Fitzcarraldo, 1989, Omni Magazine, USA, (Mar Vol11No6).
Ifurin and the Fat Man, 1989, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, USA, (Mar Vol76No3).
Dogfaerie, 1989, anthologised in Hidden Turnings, Methuen Books, edited by Dianna Wynne Jones.
Bowmen in the Mist, 1989, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, USA, (Jun Vol76No6).
The Men's Room, 1989, Interzone Magazine, (May/June No29).
White Noise, 1989, anthologised in Zenith, Sphere Books, edited by David Garnett.
Usurper, 1989, anthologised in Dark Fantasies, Legend Books, edited by Chris Morgan.
Snake Dreams, 1989, anthologised in Tarot Tales, Legend Books, edited by Rachel Pollack and Caitlin Matthews.
When the Music Stopped, 1989, anthologised in Other Edens III, Unwin Hyman, edited by Christopher Evans and Robert Holdstock, co-written with Christian Lehmann.
Truman Capote's Trilby: The Facts, 1990, BBR Magazine, (Spring No 15).
Surfing, Spanish Style, 1990, The Gate Magazine, (No2).   Translated into Polish.
X-Calibre, 1990, anthologised in Zenith II, Sphere Books, edited by David Garnett.
Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks, 1990, collected in Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks, Methuen Books.
The Goblin Jag, (see Dark Hills).  Translated into French.
The Orkney Trows, (see Dark Hills).
Scarecrows, (see Dark Hills).
Warrior Wizards, (see Dark Hills).
Changelings, (see Dark Hills).
The Sleeping Giants, (see Dark Hills).
The Hungry Ghosts, (see Dark Hills).
The Dragon Slayer, (see Dark Hills).  Translated into French.
Bronze Casket for a Mummified Shrew-Mouse, 1990, anthologised in Digital Dreams, New English Library, edited by David V Barrett.
The Amorous Adventures of Hogfoot Right, 1990, anthologised in Arrows of Eros, New English Library, edited by Alex Stewart.
Networks, 1990, anthologised in Fantasy Tales Magazine 
Inside The Walled City, 1990, anthologised in Walls of Fear, edited by Kathryn Cramer, Morrow Books, USA.
In The Country of Tattooed Men, 1990, Omni Magazine, USA, (Sep Vol12No12). 
Hamelin, Nebraska, 1991, Interzone Magazine (No48, June).  Translated into FrenchLegendesanthology.
The Woodman's Enigma,1991, Haunting Christmas Tales, Scholastic Books.  (Read by Edward de Suza, BBC5 21 Dec 92) Translated into Norwegian.   Sold in USA.
The Ragthorn,1991, The Whisper of Blood, Morrow (USA), anthology edited by Ellen Datlow.  (Collaboration with Robert Holdstock). Translated into French and Czech. Stand-alone paperback, by Infinity Plus, 2015.
Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop, 1992, Isaac Asimov's Magazine, June Issue.
The Sculptor,1992, Interzone Magazine (No 60, June), translated into Czechoslovakian.
Home, 1992, Works.
The Megowl, 1992, Young adults' anthology Chilling Christmas Tales, Scholastic Books.  Translated into Norwegian and Greek.
The Elevator, 1992, Darklands 2, edited by Nicholas Royle, Egerton Press.
My Lady Lygia, 1992, REM Sf and fantasy magazine Issue 2.
The Cave Painting, 1992, Omni Best Science Fiction 2 anthology edited by Ellen Datlow, Omni Books.
1948, 1992, Strange Plasma Magazine, No.5, ed. Steve Pasechnick.
Fossils, 1993, Interzone Magazine, (No 69, March).
Hunter's Hall, 1993, Mysterious Christmas Tales, anthology, Scholastic Books.
Giant, 1993, In The Country of Tattooed Men, collected stories, HarperCollins.
Punctuated Evolution, 1993, CRANK! Magazine, Issue No.1.
Face, 1993, Trafika, International Literary Magazine, Prague,
Autumn, Issue No. One.
Oracle Bones, 1993, Touch Wood (Narrow Houses Vol.2), anthology, Little Brown, edited by Peter Crowther.
Black Drongo, 1994, Omni Magazine, (USA), (Vol.16 No.8), May.
Store Wars,1994, The Anthology of Fantasy and Supernatural, edited by Stephen Jones and David Sutton (Tiger Books).
Nerves of Steel,1994, New Worlds 4 Science Fiction anthology edited by David Garnett (Victor Gollancz).
The Tallow Tree, 1994, Cold Cuts II (More tales of terror) edited by Paul Lewis and Steve Lockley (Alun Books).
Wayang Kulit, 1994, Interzone Magazine (No 90 December Issue) edited by David Pringle.
The House That Jack Built, 1994, 13 More Tales of Horror, (Point Horror) edited by Anne Finnis (Scholastic).
Waiting by the Corpse, 1995, Maelstrom, edited by Malcolme E Wright (Sol Publications).
Cherub, 1995, Heaven Sent, anthology edited by Peter Crowther (Daw Books, USA).  Translated into French.
The Rattan Collar1995, 13 Again (Point Horror), Scholastic Books, edited by Anne Finnis.   Translated into Czech.
Triads, 1995, Heart to Heart, Mammoth Books, Anthology edited by Miriam Hodgson.
Masterpiece, 1995, Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears, Morrow Books, Anthology edited by Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling.
Singing Rock, 1996, Kimota 4 SF Fantasy Magazine, edited by Graeme Hurry.
The Council of Beasts, 1996, Interzone Magazine (September Issue No. 111), edited by David Pringle.
The Goatboy and the Giant, 1966, Fantasy Stories, Anthology edited by Mike Ashley with an Introduction by myself, Robinson Books.
Something's Wrong With The Sofa, 1997, The Edge, edited by Graham Evans.
The Trial of Hansel and Gretel, 1997, Black Swan, White Raven, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, Avon Books.
Attack of the Charlie Chaplins, 1997, New Worlds anthology edited by David Garnett, White Wolf Books.
Moby Jack, 1997, The Edge, edited by Graham Evans.
Mirrors, 1998, Sirens and other Daemon Lovers, Edited by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow, HarperCollins.
We Are The Music Makers, 1999, Zetnet Internet Website, Keith 
The Frog Chauffeur, 1999, Silver Birch, Blood Moon, anthology by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, Avon Fiction.  Translated into French.
Death of the Mocking Man, 1999, Interzone Magazine No.147 edited by David Pringle.
Bonsai Tiger, 2000, Spectrum SF 1 edited by Paul Fraser.
The Stray, 2000, Spiral Words 5, edited by Mike Stone.
The Sharpshooter,2001, ‘Sword of Honour’ anthology edited by Mike Ashley, Robinson
Elephant Island, 2002, SORTED!, a Rigby Navigator anthology of 3 children’s stories.
Phoenix Man, 2005, ‘Don’t Turn Out The Light’ anthology edited by Stephen Jones.  PS Publishing.
Gifts,2005/6, Broadcast by BBC Radio.
Murders in the White Garden, 2006, Postscripts Magazine, edited by Peter Crowther.
12 Men Born of Woman, 2006, Postscripts Magazine edited by Peter Crowther.
The Human’s Child, 2006, In the Country of Tattooed Men and Other Cyphers, Humdrumming Books.
The Green Man Tennis Club, 2006, In the Country etc., Humdrumming Books.
Alien Embassy, 2006, In the Country etc., Humdrumming Books. [Reprinted in the Penguin ‘Science Fiction Omnibus’ edited by Brian Aldiss].
Sacrificial Anode, 2006, The First Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories, selected by Ian Alexander Martin.
Atlantic Crossing,  2008, Post Scripts 15, edited by Peter Crowther.
Alles in Ordnung, 2009, We Think, Therefore We Are, anthology edited by Peter Crowther.
La Belle Dame Dans San Grace, 2009, The British Fantasy Society Yearbook.
Hats off to Mary, 2010, ‘Requiems for the Departed’ anthology edited by Mike Stone and Gerard Brennan.  Morrigan Books.
Out Back,2010, BFS Convention Programme Booklet, edited by Guy Adams.
Moretta,2011, House of Fear Anthology, edited by Jonathan Oliver, Solaris.
The Fabulous Beast, 2012, BFS Journal edited by Guy Adams, Lou Morgan, Ian Hunter.
Stalking Moon, 2013, ‘The Fabulous Beast’ collection published by Infinity Plus.
Spice,2013, ditto.
Call Centre Incident, Procyon 3, 2013, ditto.
Monsters x 3, 2013, ditto.
The Elf Killer, 2013, ditto.
On the Eyelids of a Wolf, 2013, ditto.
The Farrier’s Wife,2012, ditto.
The Watchers,‘Tales from the Vatican Vaults’, anthology edited by David V Barrett, 2015.
The Secret Atlas, 2015,
Seducing an Angel, 2016, ‘Scarlet Street Magazine’.

43 novels
33 young adult novels
9 collections of short stories
2 Non-fiction books
145 individual short stories
5 Collections of Poetry

Awards and near misses: (Garry Kilworth)

WINNERof the Gollancz/Sunday Times Best SF Prize (short story) for Let's Go To Golgotha!  (1974)

WINNERof the World Fantasy Award (Novella) for The Ragthorn(1992)written with Robert Holdstock.  

WINNERof the Interzone Magazine readers' Short Story Poll for The Sculptor(1992).

WINNERof the British Science Fiction Association award for The Ragthorn(1994) written with Robert Holdstock.

WINNERof the Interzone Magazine readers' Short Fiction Poll for
The Ragthorn(1994) written with Robert Holdstock.

WINNERof The Lancashire County Library/National Westminster Bank Children's Book of the Year Award
for the novel THE ELECTRIC KID, (1995).

WINNER of the Locus online ‘Best SF, Fantasy and Horror of 2006’ (Collections) for MOBY JACK AND OTHER TALL TALES.

WINNER of the Charles Whiting Award for Literature, 2008.

Runner up for the East Anglia 'Angel' Award for Fiction (Novel and short stories) for IN THE HOLLOW OF THE DEEP-SEA WAVE (1990)

Library Association's Carnegie MedalCommendationfor the juvenile novel The Drowners(1992)

Shortlisted for British Science Fiction Association Award (Short Story): four different years for
The Dissemblers(1983), 
Spiral Winds(1985)
Hogfoot Right and Birdhands(1987),
The Sculptor(1993).

Shortlisted for the Grand Prix de L’Imaginaire for (Short Story, Novella, Novel)
The Sculptor (2000)
The Ragthorn(2001)

Shortlisted for World Fantasy Award (Short Story) for Hogfoot Right and Birdhands(1987)

Shortlisted for World Fantasy Award (Short Story Collection) for THE SONGBIRDS OF PAIN. (1984)

Shortlisted for Smarties' Prize for The Drowners(1992)

Shortlisted for World Fantasy Award (Short Story Collection) for 

Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal for juvenile novel The Brontë Girls(1996)

Shortlisted for the Stockton Children's Book Prize for The Gargoyle(1998).
Shortlisted for the Stockton Children's Book Prize for Drummer Boy(1999).

Longlisted for the Booker Prize for Witchwater Country(1986)

Translated into the following languages:

1. German
2. Polish
3. Japanese
4. Portugese
5. French
6. Dutch
7. Hungarian
8. Czechoslovakian
9. Spanish
10. Danish
11. Finnish
12. Italian
13. Hebrew
14. Norwegian
15. Russian
16. Greek
17. Turkish
18. Thai
19. Korean
20. Romanian
21. Lithuanian
22. Indonesian
23. Belgium’s Walloon and Flemish

Publishers to date

Faber and Faber                                                Knaur (Germany)
Black Lizard (USA)                                         Octobus Books Ltd
The Bodley Head                                              Corvus (USA)
Penguin Books                                                  St Martin’s Press (USA) 
Victor Gollancz                                                Morrow (USA)
Unwin Hyman                                                   Head of Zeus (USA)
Random House                                                 Zebra Books (USA)
Little Brown                                                      Barnes and Noble
Grafton                                                             Creed
Constable Robinson                                          The Book Company
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Some Reviews of Garry Kilworth's Books

His characters are strong and the sense of place he creates is immediate and strong.  (Sunday Times)

THE SONGBIRDS OF PAIN is excellently crafted . . . Kilworth is a master of his trade.    (Punch Magazine)

Arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre.   (New Scientist)

SPIRAL WINDS: A subtle, poetic novel about the power of place - in this case the South Arabian Deserts - and the lure of myth.  It haunted me long after it ended.   (City Limits Magazine)

HUNTER'S MOON: The one talking-animal book you must read . . . a thrilling novel.  (White Dwarf Magazine)

ABANDONATI: Full of hope, irony and despair and as moving in its understated way as Riddley Walker, the last post-apocalypse novel worth paying hard cash for.   (Time Out Magazine)

WITCHWATER COUNTRY: Atmospherically overcharged like an impending thunderstorm.  (The Guardian)

THE NIGHT OF KADAR: An utterly original and important work that promotes is author to the first rank . . .  (Newsagent and Bookshop)

A THEATRE OF TIMESMITHS: A convincing display of fine talent. (The Times)

A British writer who shows great versatility and invention . . . Kilworth has a fertile, wideranging imagination.   (Library Journal)

WITCHWATER COUNTRY: Garry Kilworth is a remarkable writer.  (Knave Magazine)

CLOUDROCK: Kilworth [is] one of the most significant writers in the English language.  (Fear Magazine)

HUNTER'S MOON: A rich and beautiful novel, uplifting, exciting . . . intelligent, quick and humorous, the positive praises flow forth unhindered when reading this splendid story.   (Swedish Library Service).

THE DROWNERS: Kilworth achieves a great depth of emotion and storytelling.  (Time Out)

IN THE COUNTRY OF TATTOOED MEN: The tales are haunting, often almost poetic, but still chilling. (Fantasy Zone - Martin Feekins)

IN THE COUNTRY OF TATTOOED MEN: . . . A masterpiece of balanced and enigmatic storytelling . . . Kilworth has mastered the form.
(Times Literary Supplement.)

THE DROWNERS: . . . a gripping story, an array of memorable characters, a sense of period and community in prose that ripples with images from the waterlands. (Viewpoint - Melbourne University)

DARK HILLS, HOLLOW CLOCKS: Children who enjoy rich, evocative language will be well served here: some of Kilworth's (tales), as in the 'The Goblin Jag', are magnificent.  (Times Ed. Supplement).

THE NAVIGATOR KINGS: His characters are both believably heroic and believably flawed; the complex culture of the Polynesians is admirably invoked and the interaction of the world and its gods and spirits is executed with a casual yet precise playfulness. (Paul J McAuley - Interzone Magazine).

A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE: The book's a delight - I love it!' (Fay Weldon - Mail On Sunday).

THE ROOF OF VOYAGING: An absolute delight, based on the myths and legends of the Polynesian peoples.  (Mark Morris - SFX Magazine)

THE PRINCELY FLOWER: Kilworth's enthralling writing transforms myths into reality.  (Sharon Gosling - SFX Magazine).

This is a great, great, great book.  (Roger Swift - Black Tears)

LAND OF MISTS: Rich and detailed legends are woven with myth and fiction in this great fantasy.  The final volume of a wonderful trilogy.  (Aaron Baker -Black Tears)

A beautiful ending to an excellent saga.  (Sharon Gosling - SFX Magazine)

SHADOW-HAWK: This book is wonderful, representing as it does, good fun without complications, and joy without debt.  (David Mathew - Interzone Magazine).

A richly evocative tale (which) examines the cultural interpretation of myths and legends from both European and Borneo perspectives.  (SFX Magazine)

VAMPIRE VOLES: This book is mostly exciting, with hardly an exceptions. (Tim, aged 13 - Cool Reads Magazine)

CASTLE STORM: This is a delightful book, the second in his series for children The Welkin Weasels.  (Lesley Hatch - Vector Magazine).

SPIGGOT’S QUEST: The humour is at times delightfully topical and a nice touch. (Rachel A Hyde -

GASLIGHT GEEZERS:  The characters are fascinating and the author weaves a fantastic and colourful image of life in the animal side of Welkin. (Sarah Hutchinson aged 12 - Young Adult Review News)

DARK HILLS, HOLLOW CLOCKS:  One is left in no doubt about the quality of the writing or of Kilworth’s talent . . . (Times Educational Supplement)

THE DEVIL’S OWN: Rip-roaring adventure at the time of the Crimean War . . . military history brought vividly to life.  (Manchester Evening News)

THE SILVER CLAW: A gripping tale of intrigue and menance, plots and counterplots, set within the richness of a watery city . . . a must-read. (Teaching and Learning)

THE SILVER CLAW: a thrilling book of intrigue and dark plots.  (Write Away!)

JIGSAW: Beautifully written and cleverly paced, Jigsaw brings the lost mix of desert islands and peculiar goings-on to a younger audience.  Character interaction gives vital depth to a very satisfying thriller. (The Bookbag, 4thNovember, 2007).